Policies / Reports / Plans

Lyvennet Valley Community Plan

In March 2007, a steering group commenced drawing together the Lyvennet Valley Community Plan.  Over 200 questionnaires were completed by community households – a 72% return rate – providing a wealth of information.  The completed plan was published in May 2009.

The consultation carried out for the Community Plan resulted in 41 Action points. Affordable Housing achieved the second highest rating.

Crosby Ravensworth Housing Survey

A Housing Needs Survey was carried out in conjunction with the community plan survey in February 2008. The survey was commissioned by Impact Housing Association, which worked closely with the Parish Council in developing the questionnaire. The survey was based on questionnaires delivered and collected by members of the Parish Council. It asked questions on current housing circumstances and whether residents were in favour of housing for local people with local needs. Residents were asked to make additional comments on their village.

Cumbria Rural Housing Trust compiled the survey outcome. In all 275 questionnaires were distributed in the Parish with 149 completed and returned giving a response rate of 54%.

35 households indicated a housing need, however only 23 were considered in need of affordable housing.

Setting the Scene 2010

The Setting the Scene 2010 document provides information on the birth of the Lyvennet Community Trust and highlights the external factors which have influenced and shaped its creation. The document acts as baseline to support future activity and performance. Individual sections detail:

Conflict of Interest Policy

The LCT trustees recognise the importance of ensuring probity, both financial and moral, in all aspects of the Trust’s work.  This must include ensuring that Trustees do not use any involvement they may have in other organisations to influence, whether positively or negatively, any decisions they make about the Trust.  It is the Trustees’ paramount duty to act in the best interests of the Trust at all times.

The Conflicts of Interest Policy details the potential areas of conflict and the required actions of trustees.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our values and commitment

Equal Opportunities are fundamental to everything the Lyvennet Community Trust does.

The trust believes that every individual is valuable, and that everyone should have equal access to society’s opportunities and resources.

In achieving our objectives, the Trust is committed to:

The Equal Opportunities Policy sets out the main ways that the LCT aims to live up to these values and fulfil these commitments.

Data Protection Policy

The Lyvennet Community Trust needs to collect and use certain types of information about individuals who come into contact with the Trust.  This personal information must be dealt with properly however it is collected, recorded and used, whether on paper, in a computer, or recorded on other material.  The Data Protection Policy details the Trust’s management and controls which ensure compliance with the Act

Trustee Code of Conduct

Directors and Trustees of the LCT are one and the same:  they are ‘directors’ by virtue of the organisation being a company and ‘trustees’ as a result of the company’s charitable objects.  The Trustee Code of Conduct Policy clarifies the expectations regarding Trustee’s accounatbility, conduct, integrity and honesty.

Memorandum of Understanding

The LCT has developed and agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with Eden Housing Association; basically a framework detailing the principals for the working relationship between the two organisations. The LCT and Eden HA will work together in developing affordable housing provision in the two parishes of Crosby Ravensworth and Kings Meaburn.

The LCT will draw down the support and technical / professional services required in accessing and utilising grant funds from the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).  The LCT also seeks the services of Eden HA connected with (for example):-

Ownership and ultimate control of the housing will remain with the LCT on the community’s behalf.